Saturday, February 17, 2007

Calling All Knitters

Since my blog gets a deluge of visitors (YH has nothing on me, for sure), I thought I'd broadcast the word:

I'm a recluse knitter, happy and fully content to sit on the comfyness of my couch and knit every evening with a lovely DH by my side and an insanely delightful child slumbering in bed. But for this I will emerge, pull myself out of the yarn stash up to my neck, lug my growing sock with me to town, and pound down the door for my presence to be noticed. YH makes a great case for it, and I'm answering her call-to-arms.


NeedleTart said...

I came to visit. NYC is a little too far for me, but the Harlot will be in Pittsburgh a few days later and I am planning to make it there. Hope you get to go to FIT.

Amy Lane said...

You MUST post afterwards and tell us all about it... I'm horrifically jealous, but really glad you can go, as well!!!(you know, I now know two blog-friends from NJ--I've got family there...if you know anyone named Rau, let me know...)

Coach Susan said...

kee-rikey! Leave work early in a huff and see what kind of news you miss. I'm so sorry to read about your awful health situation so long after the fact and hope you are feeling much, MUCH better now.

As for your YH knitting excursion, have a blast. Sounds like you could use the diversion.