Friday, February 16, 2007

Who said it would be easy?

I haven't posted too much about this because it's so NOT knitty, but when life decides to come at you, watch out.

In addition to my knitting adventures (oh they're so reckless), the last three weeks have brought a deluge of problems and complications. It's such a crazy mix of stressful events that by themselves are difficult and together are just a fiasco.

Enter stressor #1: As I mentioned awhile ago, I had a miscarriage that didn't expel naturally. This week I went in for a D&C. The procedure itself was uneventful -- I showed up at 10 AM, and I was home by 1. The surgery center was top class (thanks NJ millionaires who demand good service and are willing to let a few of us non-millionaires take advantage of those services), and all was well.

Enter stressor #2: Wednesday, not a mere 24-hours after the surgery, I was schlepping in full-out BLIZZARD to a JOB INTERVIEW. Yup. A job interview. Job interview #2 for job prospect #2 (prospect #1 is on vacation). [I won't even talk about the stressors of interviewing while knowing you're PG, as that's a moot point, but think about the complications of THAT for a sec.] Interview went well. Loved the team. Liked the boss. Liked the work A LOT. Good vibes all around. Not that stressful by itself, but combined with Stressor #1, slightly more stress than by itself.

Enter stressor #3: Thursday I woke up feeling wretched. Had a headache like none I've ever had before, and I kept thinking, "Gosh, I just feel weak. A weakling." Not thinking I could be sick or something but that I've turned into a blob of jelly with a skeleton and I need to take drastic fitness measures. Trekked into the city through the muck and crud and cold for a 30 min in-person meeting (no other reason), and felt just awful. Dragging, cold, chills, miserable. A headache to no end. I was in a fog.

I went home early because DH had to make a presentation last night and I needed the car to get DD. I went home at 3 to rest before picking up DD at 5:30, and spent 2 hours huddled under blankets and sweaters and even my coat (yes, my coat) trying to get warm. No avail. I shivered the entire 2.5 hours and had actual muscle cramps from shivering so much.

5:30 I leave to pick up DD, even stopping off to drop off the recycling. Pick her up, shake the entire way home, and once at home finally take my temp.

Well, what do you know! 102.3. Call the on-call OB/GYN. 15 min later, a temp of 103.2! Hm. Gotta go to the emergency room.

Now stop for a second and think.

Here I am with a 2.5 YO alone. No DH. No immediate neighbors to help out. And the dr saying, "How are you so lucid with a temp of 103.2?" Hello Doc, I have no choice, thank you very much. So, I gathered up DD, packed an overnight bag for her, called some friends across town, and dropped her off. Then I interrupted DH's presentation, drove and picked him up, and finally made it to the ER at 7:30.

But oh, wait, (if you've made it this far), while driving to the ER, the recruiter called me. What do I do? The career gal who values career almost as much as her child? I take the call of course! Standing in front of the ER entrance, with DH giving me looks that kill, I'm chatting with the recruiter about salaries, strategies, etc. Finally, "Oh, I don't mean to be rude, but I really do need to run. I'll call you tomorrow." I left out, "I'm checking myself into the ER right now as we speak, but as soon as I get settled, I'll give you a call back."

[Alert: Actual Knitting Content Follows]
While writhing in the ER bed, an IV in my right arm at the elbow point, facing being admitted to the hospital, I started giving DH a list of things to bring from home the next day. Clothes, a toothbrush, and fuck! This fucking IV is not in my hand but in my arm, and I can't bend my arm! No knitting! Fuckers. At least DH laughed and laughed and laughed. In fact, we laughed through most of the night, pain and all.

To wrap this long saga up, the stressors are waning. First they admitted me, then said I could go home if I wanted. I made it home by 3 AM. No infection (thank goodness), though there are some complications (non-threatening at the moment). The fever broke and now I'm simply bleeding buckets. The dr said this is normal and to keep an eye on it this weekend.

Dear friends dropped off DD at daycare after a fun, eventful sleepover with her friend. We'll pick her up normal time after getting some rest today. Hopefully she'll get some rest, too. She was up late (of course).

And I'm calling the HR rep and recruiter in an hour.

Life goes on.


Netter said...

Gee, Rae, what a week! Glad you're back on the mend. Good luck with the job search.

KnitTech said...

Hope you're feeling better. Sounds like a lot of stress!

Julie said...

Oh, good grief. I hope you feel better soon and GET THAT JOB. You deserve it after that dedication.

Amy Lane said...

Oh My God.

That's it--I'm never whining again, period the end thank you you're welcome... Jeezers bleeding bat, crapman, that is top of the line suckage right there--I'm with Julie--I really hope you feel better soon, and if the Goddess was watching you WILL get that job! (feel better feel better feel better feel better feel better...just sending those vibes your way...)

Rae said...

Thanks everyone. I am feeling better and actually making some knitting progress. Update soon.

Heidi said...

I know it's not really funny, but I burst out laughing at the image of you taking that job interview call while standing in front of the ER (no doubt it was snowing and below zero, too).

Please take care of yourself. Hope you're feeling better soon. And good luck with the possible new job!

Rae said...

Laughing is precisely what the situation calls for. In hindsight, what a total fiasco this whole thing has been.