Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Use me up, Baby.

It's so so so cool that Netter is using me. I'm cheap. I'm a cheap yarn whore. Just call me yarn slut.

Did you see this cool yarn? I love the colors. Salivate.

See, I'm an all-black girl. Black pants and black turtle neck. Washington, D.C.? I fit right in. NYC? I fit in. Black outfit with a flair of kelly green pashmina at most. But every day? Black. Sounds chic, I know, but really, I'm just a color dork who hides in black clothing. I love black. It's so easy. And it goes SO well with my boy-short hair (my pic is now inaccurate; my hair is as short as DH's buzz cut).

But socks?

Well, socks have become the outlet for my alter ego. I LOVE the electric colors of Netter's yarn. The brighter the better. Put it on my butt? No way. Wear it in a scarf? Get outta here. A hat? Who wants hat-head??

But feet? Secret feet, covered up by black pants, peeking out like Monica's Lewinski's thong panties, luring Bill? Gimme color. Gimme splash. Gimme pizzaz. Gimme ... shock socks, baby. I eat it up.

Thanks Netter. I'm thrilled!

And on that news, I'm halfway done with the second lace sock. Thanks to the old job (TOJ) now requiring me to show up for work instead of working at home, I'm a slave to the train. Which means I make GREAT knitting progress. Me, my ipod, and my knitting will travel. Love to travel. We're making great feetway, er, headway.


Netter said...

The ONE good thing about commuting to NY, time for MP3s and knitting.

Amy Lane said...

Hats of to you both--I just tried to knit on a train, and it took a while to get into the groove--maybe practice makes perfect? (And I'm totally getting a kick out of this very sharp--i.e. smart and professional-- woman wearing black clothes and secretly amazing socks. Excellent.)