Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Horizons

New horizons approach.

Chez Rae is finally coming out of its spate of badness. The badness of 2007 is over for the year (I know I'm being optimistic) ... or at least for the spring.

On the horizon:

(1) I'm recovering well and should be 100% back to good physical functioning and health this week.

(2) I'm talking to the HR rep today for Job Prospect #2 (JP#2), probably for a job offer. JP#2 is my first pick after some hard discussions and DH's always reliable objectivity, and Job Prospect #1 is slow on the uptake anyway, so it's working out well. Now we're just in salary negotiations -- they're 10% below my ideal and initial asking price (but still 10% above my current salary). But I'm flexible.

(3) DD is recovering finally. After 6 days of fever, she's on day 2 of no fever. The new meds are working. Friends, teachers, and daycare, here we come!

Summing the past two months in the above three points really simplifies everything, but it's time for simplification. It's been too complicated for too long, and DH and I have weathered a lot. We weathered far more earth-shattering and relationship-killing events in the past, and this is a smidge of what we've plowed through. But it was still a royal pain to get through.

On the knitting front, New Horizons!

I did frog the 2nd sock and knit it more loosely. It matches the first sock in width and length, so I'm thrilled about that! Interestingly, I DON'T think I have big feet, but when I knit socks using the recommended needle size and yarn, the socks are often snug on my feet (really snug, as in noticeably tight). This is the second pair that have turned out that way. So I'm wondering if I need to go up a needle size to allow for "confident" knitting (you know, those beautifully formed st that are perfectly shaped and firm) that still fits.

Gauge swatch? I can hear Julie saying it now. ;)

My posts may become sporadic in the next few months as I transition into JP#2, and maybe even my knitting. JP#2 is a shorter train commute, IN STATE (fuck you, NY taxes), and more demanding than my present job.

Well, the fam-damly is up and I have to start the day. Off to parental duties.


Julie said...

Well, I've been skeining yarn or sleeping for the last two days, so you're still in the running on the sock race. I'm about halfway through the gussets on the second sock.


Gauge swatch?

Amy Lane said...

We'll miss you, darling...don't forget to come back to us when things settle down! But I'm glad DD is feeling better...six days is FOREVER to worry.

Netter said...

Glad everything is turning around. I'm jealous you may not have to cross the Hudson anymore.

KnitTech said...

Hope the new job will meet you in the middle about the $$. Glad to hear DD is feeling better, nothing worse then sick kidlets.

(If this shows up twice, stupid *bleeping* blogger.)