Wednesday, February 21, 2007


When I was pregnant a mere 4 weeks ago, and foolishly told my 2.5 YO Dear Daughter (DD) about it, I taught her that the baby was in mommy's uterus. I *didn't* explain that daddy's penis was invovled in the creation of the little critter, but she *does* know that mommy (and she) has a vagina and daddy has a penis.

When DD told her Nana that mommy had a baby "in her uterus," my MIL about died. The look on her face was better than Amy's witticisms. It spoke a million words all at once, some repeatable, some not. But all conveyed her sense that kids should not know such words.

DD also knows such words as death, odoscope (sp?, the "light" the dr uses to look in your ears), cylinder (not tube or pole or circle thingy), cube, sphere, martini shaker, etc. The point is, we don't use made up words at home. DD can say multisyllable words without missing a beat, and she can usually remember them pretty well. I'm not shy of words.

But it appears not everyone shares the same philosophy (including MIL):

In knitty news, I actually DO have REAL knitting content. BUT I HAVE NO GODDAMNED CAMERA TO SHOW OFF MY FOS! !@#$ %J#:@#J!@ !@#J#@Y!@# !@Y(#!PO$*$ #HY@!#I$

OK, so I don't always use the real words.

I finished MY FIRST SOCK FOR ME. It's from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks, and I never thought I would love a sock so much. I used the Lorna's Laces that I had to unknot over 2 hours in my stuffy LYS, and I even made sure this sock had NO MISTAKES. I made sure so much that I did a similar operation as this: Yarn Harlot's Operation on June 23, 2006. Mine wasn't nearly so severe, only 5 stitches, but BECAUSE OF THIS POST, I knew I could take on my mistake. So, instead of ripping back about 28 rows of 64 stitches of lace knitting on size 2mm needles, I simply ripped out 5 stitches down 30 rows, fixed the two mistakes I made (forgotton sl 1, k2tog, psso, yo, p1), and went on my merry way. The tension isn't perfect, but I'm hoping after a good soak, it'll all work out. Besides, I did it. It's right and perfect and I'm proud I did it.

I also followed Julie's suggestion for the toe. I prefer a flatter toe instead of a pointy toe, so I stopped knitting with 16 st on ea needle and did the K-stitch (which I almost know by heart; I just have to look to get started). It turned out LOVELY -- flat and beautiful along my toes. It's truly an amazing sock, and I'm secretly glad that I waited until my fourth pair to keep as my own. I've had 3 pairs of socks for trial-and-error, neglected mistakes, and poor craftsmanship.

Someday I will have a pic to show. Someday....someday.


Julie said...

Oh dear, following my advice... why would you want to do that? I've yet to produce a wearable pair of socks. Haha. But I must say I love this one I just finished. With luck I'll start the second tonight.

Maybe we should race.

Amy Lane said...

Wow...people are just jumping into the dark of the sock-side...soon, we shall all take over the world with our strange knitting ways and our vocabulary from the real freakin' world...(buwahahahahahha)(Uterus? She was unhappy about uterus? I skinned the cat and taught the Cave Troll 'Holy Fuck!' and your MIL was unhappy about uterus? Damn...)

Rae said...

Hold the presses, Julie is now certifiably insane. Challenging me to a sock race? The Knitting Queen herself? LOL Julie, really. You'd finish your sock before I finish the top ribbing band of mine. ;)

Amy, you have such a lovely way of brightening my morning. :) Given my sailor mouth, DD will soon be uttering such lovely phrases to the delight of her friends and horror of her teachers. ;)