Monday, February 26, 2007

It's Official!

I received a formal offer from the new job (TNJ) at 7:30 this morning! After a brief round of conversations about compensation, they met my requested salary!! I had the wind taken out of me when the HR rep gave the figure -- I was expecting less.

I accepted on the spot.

I start March 19. I've never given LESS than a month notice before, but they pushed hard. I also pushed hard for the salary, and they met it, so I felt good giving back. Let's get off on a positive foot, shall we!?!

As for knitting news, I completed 2.5 repeats on my sock last night. That's about 30 rows. I'm about 20-ish rows from where I was when I ripped -- I should surpass that tonight! Thanks TV. You do serve some purpose.

I'm still wiping the drool off of my keyboard after reading Amy's post about her new fibergasm. Thanks Amy. My keyboard needed a good cleaning. ;)


Cara said...

Congratulations! That's great. Good luck with the new job.

Netter said...


KnitTech said...

Congrats!! New hire buys the first round.

Coach Susan said...

Wow! Congratulations! You're the first woman I know who's received the salary she wanted during negotiation. I thought it was Generally Accepted Policy to always lowball a female. Way to go!

Rae said...

I have always been a strong negotiator, but I have to hand it to my recruiter as well. She really helped me hold out for the compensation. I was willing to accept slightly less, but I was friendly yet held tight and it paid off (literally). I actually feel neck-and-neck with my male colleagues, which is a really nice feeling.

Thanks everyone for your congrats! I'm so happy to have some closure and to face a new adventure.

Amy Lane said...

Ohhh... new I'm the one drooling...Congratulations and well done--with your dedication, you should be able to pick the plumpest plumbs off the job tree... (and about the yarn...I got home from work yesterday and just went over to the bucket o'yarn and looked at it and dreamed...)