Sunday, February 04, 2007

A true FO

Not an almost-FO, or an FO-but-I-have-to-block-it-someday FO, or any other form of FO, but an ACTUAL Finished Object.

And of course, no pics because, well, DH hasn't sent our camera in to be fixed yet. Or purchased a new one because, well, we're on a budget.

But in any case, an FO: DH's first pair of socks. $20 socks, no less, using a very nice wool in navy blue with streaks of pale blue throughout. I knit him Gentleman's Socks from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks book. They turned out really nicely, and the pattern was a breeze to follow. It took very little time for me to remember the repeats, and I threw out the stitch counter on the second sock all together.

Now onto a pair of socks for me. MY FIRST PAIR. They'll be my fourth pair, but first for me. I'm going to make up the pattern a bit -- I don't have enough yarn for a full pair, and I want a very simple sock. So, we'll see.

I do promise pics someday. Promises shmomises. I know, but I really do promise.

BTW, an all-out Hail Mary to Rabbitch for actually posting the phrase "handspun pubes of Jesus." Stopped me in my tracks with loud, buffooning cawing and cackling. Holy moly.

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Julie said...

Woohoo, socks! Glad you're knitting some for yourself.

And I hear you on the budget. Oh, yes, the evil budget. (Though paying the bills is nice. I suppose.)