Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thank you!

Thank you for all your good suggestions. These were great!

I did sew on the buttons. They did have a shank, and I used the sweater yarn (not floss). I left a long tail on the wrong side of the knitting (to weave in), went up and over a couple of stitches, through the shank hole, back down to the wrong side (making sure not to split the yarn), and then through it all once more. I ended with two long tails on the wrong side, knotted them, and then wove them in. The wrong side actually looks pretty clean and straight!

Now if someone could give me as detailed a tutorial on fixing cameras as on sewing buttons onto knitting, I could post pics. ;)

Now I'm on to knitting a beautifully lacy sock from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks. I'm using Lorna's Laces (that had the detested knots in it), which is OK. I think I'm partial to STR, both the weight, feel, and colors. LL is beautiful yarn, much like the Schaeffer yarn I used for my mom's socks, but I think I like STR best.

Still, this sock is lovely, and I can't wait to finish it. Delicate and beautiful.

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Amy Lane said...

I'm glad I could help! (I love the blog!!!!!) And as for cameras? It's a damned good thing I have Mate to teach the middle schoolers how to help me, or I'd be lost...