Monday, February 12, 2007


Work is slow today. I have a ton of it to do, but my computer came to a screeching halt and I can't get anything done. Except blogging. :) I honestly, sincerely don't know why I can surf and blog but my email is dead slow and I can't work on my files. Ugh.

In any case, I have a QUESTION that I would LOVE to have answered --

Why is some yarn shipped in hanks? Julie? Why hanks? Why not skeins? Is it to see the colorway better?

Since I don't have a swift and winder (sp?), I HATE hanks. What a pain. And we live in a teeny tiny apartment (that I actually like the size of), and I have no intention of getting a swift and winder. Maybe I should reconsider, but we just don't have the space (we have a total of 4 closets in our house and 3 occupants).

Anyway, why hanks?


Julie said...

In my case, I'm selling them that way 'cause it's easier to wind 440 yards of wool into hanks. (In some cases, 880 yards.) I assume it's the same way for other places; to wind it into a ball is usually another processing step that just means more time spent and more money out the window. In my case, what with my low production and by-hand methods, you're talking about adding a half hour to an hour to each lump of yarn I dye.

If you really want me to wind it into a 'cake' on my ball winder, let me know when you order and I'll do it for you.

But only for you, sweetie. (And other regular blog readers. I gotta give you guys some perks.)

KnitTech said...

Is your database related to my database?! Hate it when I can't work at work.

Amy Lane said...

I'm at home today--the Cave Troll's meltdown made him sick (or he was getting sick which is why he melted down...either way...) I think (remember--I'm not that bright...) that they fall apart easier in the little yarn cakes--that's why they leave them in hanks... but about your comment w/Coach Susan about where to take DD on the weekends... lessee... after you've exhausted the park, the mall (where they have play areas) Target-for-a-toy, Jamba Juice, the pet store, the zoo, their room where there's six-thousand dollars worth of toy rubble, a friends' house, a relative's house, local museums, local theatres, my Local Yarn Store (this is for me, but Babetta has grandchildren who come in and play, so it's a fun place:-), any large grassy area where they can run in circles, the exploratorium, and your bedroom for a tickle fight, that's when you hire a baby sitter and take your husband to a movie:-) Yeah--the baby-sitter's a toy...