Thursday, March 08, 2007

the camera is shipped!

It's in Chicago, fighting its way back home. I know it has missed us; we've missed it. The blog has missed it. "We need you, camera! We need you!!!"

I made tremendous progress on the Cake sock while at jury duty, but I ripped it all because it was flaccid. I'm knitting this project: click here to see the pattern.

It's a very pretty pattern, as it turns out. I went down an entire needle size (from 4.0mm to 3.0mm), and it's knitting up much more nicely. I also learned the provisional cast-on and have a very pretty hem on it now! I have to admit that I couldn't figure it out the first time I CO, so I simply did a normal picot edge. It rolled horribly, and it didn't look anything like the picture. I'm glad I ripped -- it's much much nicer now.

When beloved Camera arrives, I'll show you.

I'm returning to normal. Life goes on. DD is persnickety as ever. This morning was quite a difficult one -- she doesn't like transition at all. If she's reading and it's bath time, she screams and fights getting in the tub. Then when it's time to get out of the tub, she pitches a fit getting out. Putting on PJs is the same way. Taking PJs off the next morning is the same way. Putting a coat on, the same. Taking the coat off, the same. She's just averse to anything different from what she's doing at that moment. It's annoying, and really really time consuming.

Time consuming -- case in point: I arrive to the train station this morning AT the very MINUTE that the train arrives. Of course, it's there, the doors close as I walk up the steps, and it leaves as my foot hits the platform. That's at 7:33. The next train isn't until 8:25. Fucking holy shit. Fucking pisses me off to no end.

"DD, just one extra minute. Just one minute less of whine! Just one minute less of spilling the staples all over the floor, when I told you to put the box down and not shake it because it would spill. Just one minute less of resisting breakfast, and then screaming for breakfast when we say it's time to get up. Please, Dear, just one minute less."

Of course I say to myself that if I would drag my ass out of bed a mere 5 min earlier, we might avoid this problem. But I didn't sleep late! I didn't dawdle. I was on time! And on time enough to typically handle DD's little stalling games.

Ack ack ack.

I did get good knitting time in, but really, I wanted to get to work. One side of me says, "You're leaving your job! What do you care? They don't care!" The other side says, "You have a boatload of stuff to do. And you're already taking a 2 hour lunch to visit with old friends. Get to work!"


We're getting a second car (a freebie from DH's brother). I can't wait. A car! DH will have morning drop off duty; I'll have evening pick up duty. Which means I may be able to go to the gym in the morning, drive myself to the train station, all UNencumbered by DD. I can handle the evening. I can't wait for the mornings.

That is, of course, if I get my fat ass up in time to go to the gym.


Netter said...

I so totally hear you on the transitions thing. B had a horrible time with that a few weeks ago. Fortunately, he's improved. Great news on the camera and the second car!

Amy Lane said...

Absolutely...can't wait to see that sock!!! And as for transitions...we are shameless morning T.V. watchers...but we tell time by TV--it's Wiggles time...time to get dressed. It's go-baby time, time to gather our things...It's the beginning of Higglytown, time to get in the's not a clock, but it's been working w/cave troll... maybe (since you are not addictted to the glowing god in the corner...)if you do music or even give her her own watch she'll be a participant in her own ritual.

Or maybe she'll eat the watch.'s a crapshoot. (Good luck w/the car...I have faith you'll get to the gym...)

KnitTech said...

A car! That's great. Can't wait to see pictures of the car. Or was that sock? :)