Saturday, March 31, 2007

Stream of consciousness

I originally titled this post "Restless." But then, after my rambling, I retitled it to something more appropriate. This is a meandering post, so don't feel guilty if you bail before the end. I'm just bored and restless.

I'm restless as I near the completion of the Cake Walk socks. I've enjoyed these socks a lot, even with the ribbing. I can't wait to post a pic (soon, when they're finished). I promise to take the pic in natural light, too, so you can see the pretty colors and details without the glare of the flash.

But I'm restless, in search of a new project. I mentioned before that I want something other than socks. BUT, I like the portability and speed of socks. I want a sock project that's not socks, if that makes sense. I love the mitred square project, but I can't imagine knitting a huge blanket or bedspread. On the other hand, I could knit a smaller blanket.

Hm...makes me think of a baby blanket. I could knit a blanket for DD, but I'm hemming and hawing because of her reaction. She hardly notices the baby blanket I knit for her. In fact, I have to half force it on her in the winter, sneaking it over her while she sleeps. Having her use it two or three times a year makes me feel better about having knit it. It took me multiple years to finish that blanket, and it was my first ever FO besides dishcloths. So, with that much effort (and gawd-awful money at the time, using yarn from my LYS), it pains me to think of yet another discarded blanket laying around.

However, I could use more "adult" colors and make it a lap blanket. DH and I would use it. That sounds like an interesting project, and one that would both sustain me for awhile and be portable (knitting the mitres sounds light). But then I don't have the yarn. And I'm bored and restless and want to knit something different NOW!

So, I need to find a project that interests me now and meets my criteria AND that I have the yarn for. Brings me to the sock yarn blanket. I have plenty of left over sock yarn to start with a promise for more coming. I got a secret message from a secret pal, Plotzing Odd (yup, that's the name ... giggle to you who knows who you are!) who says she has leftovers she can send. I see a swap in the future, with possibly some treats for the midgets.

In any case, this is a project that is ringing a bell. Strange how in the span of a single post I went from restless and bored and searching to "Eureka! I'm found!" It's true -- I didn't start out the post with a solution in mind.

I'm going to check out the sock yarn blanket, but I may consider the mitre square project with the sock yarn. I'm miserably bad when it comes to the science of knitting, so I don't know if it will work. But my trial-by-fire methods will tell me eventually.

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Amy Lane said...

Plotzing odd indeed:-) I'm damned glad I read through the whole post (much more interesting than you promised, trust me!) but I sort of wish I'd read this one before I'd read the first one!!! Anyway, you know, if you want to make something for DD, maybe ask her what she wants--Cave Troll asked for socks about a month back--I'm almost done with them, and whether he wears them or not, he's DAMNED excited!!!!!