Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm an Asshole

I'm an asshole.

Not a c&nt, not a bitch, not a whore. Not any other misogynist insult.

An asshole. And a fucking asshole at that.

Thanks, train guy, for making my day in truly the weirdest of ways.


Julie said...

What a lovely, surreal post.


Amy Lane said...

That was awesome...(and I can just hear Dennis Leary singing it, too... A-SS-HO-LE...)

Netter said...

Not as much as he is, though.

KnitTech said...

You can't just say that then leave us wondering what you did to provoke a nice guy into calling you names. I'm sure it was something completely awful: poked his eye out with a needle; ran over his dog with your car; murdered his wife and kids; took the seat he wanted on the train; or refused to knit him socks!

The joys of running the bus to school, er, work.

Rae said...

I told the guy to go to the back of the line to wait to go up the stairs from the train platform to the station. He wanted to cut in front of a lot of other people.

My exact words to him were, "The line starts back there."

He replied something like, "Wha? Fuck you. Fucking asshole."

KnitTech said...

Charming fellow. Good thing you're married, otherwise, I'd say, snatch that guy right up. What a jerk.