Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The men with the straight-jacket can go home

Postal situation diffused. I was dismissed.

On knitting news, I completely ripped the sock I knit with cake. It was flaccid. I'm swatching with size 3.0 mm (the pattern called for 4.0 mm) to see if it might work. It was INCREDIBLY loose when I put it on, so a full mm less seems a lot to go down, but I think it needs it.

And we sent in our camera to get it fixed, so I should have pics soon!!!! I'm so excited.

Finally I welcome the cold snap we have (it's about 15 degrees with a -10 wind chill). I'm wearing my perfect socks and a matching sweater (I didn't knit the sweater). Tucked in my new UGG slippers from DH, slippers that are lined with sheep's wool, my tootsies are snug and warm. ;)

Happy days, here we come.


Coach Susan said...

Thank goddess you were dismissed! Hey, listen, if it ever happens again do what I did (check out my Jury Doody post). Cop the Crohn's Disease plea. I can't sit here, your honor, because I urgently need the potty every 2 hours and if I have to concentrate on not losing control of my bowels, I can't concentrate on the trial.

Damned disease finally turned out to be good for something!

Netter said...

Someone was saying something about a roller coaster?

Amy Lane said...

I am awfully glad I read this post first, because I've got to tell you when I got to the post before it, I was seriously freaking out for you--and I even knew how it all ended! Wow...can we say serious suckage narrowly avoided? I'm glad--I really really am!!! (That sock thing still totally charming me! Especially w/the matching sweater:-)

Heidi said...

Doesn't everyone have a horrible jury duty story? Glad yours had a happy ending. And I have to put a plug in for UGGs. I wear my boots as slippers 'cause they're so warm. But I don't need them down here in AZ. It's 80 degrees.