Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring Cleaning

I'm a posting hog today. It's kind of fun.

It's starting to feel like spring. I have the windows open; it's nice!

I pulled out my knitting basket (it was a mess) and actually took pictures*. (Long overdue pictures for Julie of where I sit and knit, and what my knitting mess stash is like.)

My stash was everywhere, including both of the drawers and the oversized bin I have under the side table.

I realize that I have bits and pieces of old yarn (including a bunch of yarn that I have skeins and skeins of but haven't knit yet). The bits of yarn are especially true of sock yarn, and I don't know what to do with it. I don't know if I have enough to make short socks, or if there's something else I can make. It's driving me crazy because I can't bring myself to throw away half a skein of beautiful, delicate, luscious sock yarn.

I also have one skein here of this yarn and that yarn (such as Zara merino; Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, which I love; and several yarns I can't remember -- one that's a mohair-like yarn). I can't throw these yarns away, but I don't know what to do with them. I have One Skein Wonders, but it's not really much help. You have to find 1. the right yarn, 2. the right pattern for the yarn, 3. enough yarn for the pattern, and 4. an interest in knitting the pattern.

What do you do with your leftover yarn?

I also found two UFOs and decided to finish them. One is the skirt for DD I mentioned. All I have to do is seam it, put some elastic in, and voila, it's done. Another I decided to finish then abandoned. It's a baby sweater from One Skein (took 3+ skeins), and the yarn is too scratchy. It's not a pretty, delicate sweater, it's really ugly. So, I have 3 skeins of superwash wool to do something with.

Anyway, all of the yarn (pieces, full skeins, and multiple skeins) are all bagged and organized. It's nice to feel organized, and now I am mentally scanning for a new project. I think I want something non-sock to knit. I've done a lot of socks lately, and I still think sock yarn is my favorite yarn. But, I want a project using bigger needles and different yarn. Just for some variety.

OK, I'm done posting now. I really need to find an anniversary present for DH (for tonight's anniversary date).

*I took pictures but DH uninstalled iPhoto when he "fixed" our machines at home. So, I'll have to wait until we load iPhoto on before downloading the photos from the camera. Two steps forward, one step back....

**PPS -- two steps forward, one step back, one step forward again.... So, a picture of me and DD for toddler-eye-candy. We were sitting on a stump thinking and resting (like in the book "The Giving Tree"). You can also see my new butch cut. You'll just have to deal with it being sideways.


Amy Lane said...

I love that picture! (The sideways one...) And remember, part of the fun of stash is reinventing its use for something else:-) (Also, I've seen a modular blankie out of scrap sock yarn--very cool!!)

Julie said...

Thanks for the photos! Loved 'em.

Cute kid.

KnitTech said...

Great pix of you and the kidlet.

Leftover sock yarn, you can make monster socks, contrastring heels and toes, or the blankie. (The link takes you to the first tutorial.)