Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Let me count the ways

... that this day has SUCKED!

1. DH and I celebrated our anniversary last night. We're lushes, even on a week night. I had two cocktails, two glasses of wine, and then we split an entire bottle of wine at dinner. All of this in the span of, oh, about 4 hours. Today is miserable.

2. DD woke up last night at 2:30 AM and STAYED AWAKE ALL NIGHT LONG. (Monday night she woke up from 3:30-5 AM.) She didn't drift off at all. I had involuntary alcohol-induced body shudders at every move, but I signed up for this parent thing and so responded to DD. Finally DH took his turn with her around 4 while I fell into a dizzying quasi-sleep.

3. I've spent the whole day so far doing our taxes. We owe. We owe big time. Thanks, NY state, for taxing our joint income even though 1) we don't live in NY and 2) DH doesn't even work in NY. But, NY bases its taxes on our joint federal return, which includes DH's salary (and mine, which is derived from NYC). Thanks. Love you, too.

4. Because we owed so much this year in state taxes, we're required to pay estimated taxes for 2007. Our first payment is due in June and is a double payment. This, of course, coming close on the heels of the multi-thousands of dollars paid to the states in April.

It's 2:30 and I'm still in my PJs, haven't showered, and haven't even brushed my teeth. My headache is mostly gone, and I'll feel a lot better after cleaning myself up. Tomorrow the housecleaner comes, so I have to clean for her to clean. I'll feel better after that.

Netter - have you tried Amy's lunches? I love that brand of food, though it's not cheap for frozen meals.

Amy - your books will NOT disappoint. ;) I just ordered Vulnerable and Wounded from Powell's. They're not amazon, but I like them so much better.

Julie - I have fond memories of camping out at the Daytona 500 with my dad when I was a kid. Those were really crazy parties. I think my dad still goes to bike week (he lives in Fl).

KnitTech - I LOVE that blanket! I can't wait to try it. Thanks for posting.

Coach Susan - apologies for being so snarky in your blog comments (actually, I meant it very playfully, but it probably came off as snarky). Taxes are done. I just have to write the darn check now. ;( But you're right -- it is inevitable.

OK. Off to shower.


Netter said...

Hubby worked part of the year in NJ and when HR Block did our taxes, they didn't tax that portion. I know you put the fed amount in, but also just the NY amount. NY is so crazy confusing though.

Rae said...

Yeah, we're going to do the NY taxes ourselves tonight. TurboTax doesn't let me go in and tinker with line-by-line entries; I have to follow their form. I think they're missing some calculations (or maybe I am). We'll see.

Amy Lane said...

Ouch...I hate taxes...through some error of mine when filling out my form, we owed big time on State taxes until we handily gave birth to that 4th dependent...hurray for deductions, sort of...

I feel you on the exhaustion...I'm seriously wondering if it's not some wierdness in the planets--Coach Susan ain't far off in the general horoscope...sometimes that shit just knocks us all on our asses. (And after my stint w/the wine, I did remember why I rarely ever do that...)

KnitTech said...

Death and taxes more fun then should be allowed. We was told, if we don't adjust, then next year we will owe BIG. The youngest is moving out this year. No more dependants for us.