Tuesday, March 06, 2007

our normally scheduled program is now in progress ....

OK, crises averted. Let's get back to some real topics --

From Amy

1. What are your top 3 Good Movies: (OMG so many)
Unbelievable Truth (Hal Hartley)
Broken Flowers (Jim Jarmausch)
Henry Fool or Trust (Hal Hartley; can't decide which)
Most Mike Leigh films
John Sayles fimls are also really good
Almodovar films are pretty good

2. What are your top 3 'Bad Movies':
Mulholland Drive (David Lynch; I actually dislike most of David Lynch's films, though I know people love him)
Anything "cute" or "crappy sappy" I have to watch with my parents or ILs -- Titanic, most hollywood blockbuster films or anything with Julia Roberts

3. #1 Quoted Movie
(What else?) Princess Bride (stolen from Amy; she's right!)

4. Favorite Action Movie
Most old Jackie Chan movies (not the most recent Hollywood ones)
Also any Takashi Kitano films (asian). They are some of the most violent films I've seen. Of course action does not equal violence, but there's plenty of action in them.

5. Favorite Romance
Unbelievable Truth (I'm repeating myself, but I really do like these movies -- interestingly they're several years old; nothing recent)
Lost in Translation

5a. Favorite Passion Film (not porn, but, um, adult romance films)
Peter Greenaway's the Pillow Book

6. Favorite Weeper(s)
The Virgin Suicides
Royal Tennenbaums

7. Favorite director
Jim Jarmausch or Hal Hartley; I can't pick
Maybe Mike Leigh -- his flicks are amazing

8. Top "Good Movie" moment:
(having a hard time with this one)

9. Top 3 "Bad Movie" moments:
(having a hard time with this one)

10. Top 3 Movie Quotes:
(I know this is controversial, but here goes) "Nigga's is some practical people. They ain't got no teeth, they ain't got no cavities." (Black Belt Jones)
I need more quotes ....

11. Top favorite movie in the last 2 years:
Broken Flowers by Jim Jarmausch


Amy Lane said...

I said it on the blog and I'll say it again...you are just way too hip for me--I want to watch some of your movies because they just sound so RAD!!! (Now doesn't that expression just scream red-neck? There's a little bit of Cory still inside me, that's for certain...) Great meme! So fun to read!!!

Coach Susan said...

Love "Lost In Translation". It makes me stop channel surfing when it's on one of the indie movie cable channels. That should be another category in this meme: Top 3 Trainwreck/Rubberneck films you just can't stop yourself watching.

Love "Broken Flowers" too. Hmm, beginning to notice a Bill Murray post-blossoming of talent pattern here.

Swore off Peter Greenaway after "The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, & Her Lover" even if it was the perfect allegory for Thatcher's Britain. Just too gross for me. Though, we did have the movie poster hanging in our family room for a long time. Husband got it from the Notting Hill Gate cinema on the last day of the film's run. Gorgeous poster.

I hate David Lynch too though, except for the first minute or so of "Blue Velvet" (until the camera finds the ear), I thought "Mulholland Drive" was the best of his.

I'll always have a soft spot for Wim Wenders.

Do you like documentaries? Have you seen this?
The album is just as awesome as the film.

NeedleTart said...

Excuse me? Old movies? Honey, most of my choices were made before you were even born (a few before *I* was born, too, cough, cough).