Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Your Knitting Library

This isn't meant to ask for an exhaustive list, but here's a meme for the knitters out there. Tag, you're it.

1. What is your favorite pattern book?

2. What is your favorite technique book?

3. What classic technique book should every knitter own?

4. How many knitting books do you typically buy in a year?

I have to admit I have a limited library, mostly of popular "not your grandmother's knitting" books, which I have come to hate. I'm collecting this list to build my library, so, if you want to post on your blog OR leave in the comments, I'm going to copy down the books and buy (or check out from the library).


Amy Lane said...

Hmmm... my favorite pattern books are the Anne Budd books, with the different gauges/sizes of every stamp. Unless you're counting socks, in which case my favorite pattern book is the Sharlene Church (sic?) book where you choose the pattern for the sock...

My favorite technique book is...hmm...the Vogue Stitchionary Library (but I've got a soft spot for cables...so that one...)

I think the Barbara Walker blue book would be the classic I'd recommend for everybody...

And we don't talk about #4 in our house.

We can never have too many...but we can give away ones we've outgrown...

Ellen said...

I posted my list here:


Since you didn't ask for general favorites and you are building your library, both books called Vintage Knits (both the Rowan version and the Sarah Dallas one) are great. I also love Knitting Nature, Handknit Holidays, and Knit 2 Together.