Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Will this work?

So I've not had many complaints with Blogger, despite the experiences some have had with it. Even the upgrade to Beta didn't go badly at all.

Last night, however, I was playing around with the site in the customization and setting section. There's one part that says (quote)
Show transliteration button for your posts?
Adds a button to the Post Editor toolbar for converting words from English to Hindi script.
Your changes will be saved to help Google improve this tool. See Privacy Policy for details.

I turned this setting to On. What was the hook that got me? It was "to help Google improve this tool."

As an educational technologist and interaction designer (now in the private world; last week in the nonprofit world), I'm all for helping my fellow techies. So, I checked the box. That's when all hell broke loose and I got nothing but ??? for words.

My exact words to the second post were for Julie: Blogger, you Fucker! ;)

On the knitty front, I am THRILLED to say that I completely scrapped the rainy day socks (even though I completely finished one of them) and did my first-ever toe-up sock in a simple rib of my own making. I just turned the heel today and am starting on the leg. With Cake, this is the best pattern. There's nothing to obscure the prettiness of the yarn. With the Rainy Day pattern, I felt like the yarn and the pattern were competing, and my eye just didn't know where to look. With the simple rib, the colors really shine beautifully. I love it.

Pics to come.


Julie said...

I'm so glad to see I'm making an impact in the world... I think.

Netter said...

I think simple ribbed socks are my favorite to wear.

Amy Lane said...

Hold up...let me go back to the part where you scrapped a completed project...does that mean you UNRAVELED IT? Hold on...hold heart just flip flopped and the world went dark there for a second...could you repeat that?

Coach Susan said...

Well, at least your blog titles got successfully converted to Hindi. It's good to know you could help Google.